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Springs for garage doors

Sectional Doors are characterized by a sliding opening along the wall or the roof of the room or of the garage. That system permits minimum space occupancy and at the same time allows to keep the area in front of the door free for usage.

The correct functioning of above opening system is granted by the application of a peculiar typology of torsion spring, named springs for sectionals. Among its production of torsion springs MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA has a wide range of Springs for Sectional Doors, both for industrial and domestic applications.

MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA grants to its Costumers Quality, Price Competitivity and Technical assistance in development and manufacturing of their Products by studying the specific spring to their requirements. Fast and precise deliveries are assured by the large stock of raw materials. Many springs of standardized measures are also available on stock.

Wire Diameter: from 4,50 up to 12,50 mm
Maximum Lenght: 4000 mm
Winding direction: Left (SX) and Right (DX)
Finishing: phosfated steel, pre-galvanized steel, vernishing, shot-blasting

(other treatments are available on demand)

Torsion springs
for sectional doors.

Springs for Sectionals belong to the family of TORSION SPRINGS.

We produce different types of Torsion springs, with tangential and radial extremities, tridimensional shapes and connections:

  • simple torsion springs,
  • double torsion springs,
  • springs for rolling systems,
  • springs for awning systems,
  • springs for sectional doors,
  • rods of torsion.

Superficial treatments
of springs.

Springs are made out of Certified materials according to UNI EN ISO standards, and they are then submitted to different superficial treaments according to Costumers’ specific indications.

We supply protective and anti-corrosive treatments such as:

  • zinc-plating,
  • vernishing,
  • shot-blasting,
  • oiling,
  • cataphoresis.

(other treatments are available on demand)

Heat treatment and
thermical relaxation

After the Winding process springs are submittet to Heat Treatment of Relaxation. That treatment is made internally MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA by modern plants, designed and manufacturing manufactured by the Company itselt.

Thanks to inline controls we can grant consistency of performance of springs not only among the same production lot, but also among differents lots of production.

Packaging of springs
for sectional doors

Due to the peculiarity of these types of springs, MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA developed specific packaging systems, which allow appropriate moving and stocking.

According to customer’s requirements we provide:

  • iron pallets, laid on,
  • wood boxes.

Both packagin packagings are adjustable in lenght and they are laid on.

Testing, tracing and identification of springs' lot

Thanks to sophisticated calculation programs and countless years of experience, our staff provides technical consultation during planning stages, granting the best type of spring to the customer.

Every production lot is traceable and provided by a Quality and Conformity Certificate, complete of processing data concerning raw material and mechanical characteristics of the springs.

Every spring is identified trough a plaque indicating wire diameter and bending direction, and, on costumer’s demand, the production lot.

Tracing of each delivered lot is also granted by both the production lot and the material used in production process.

Testing and controls of springs for sectional doors

Theorical datas are also tested with practical inspections, as well as with static and fatigue tests on springs by the use of an appropriate digital torsiometer.

Moreover, our Technical Office supports customers in studing and checking the relaxation diagram of the spring according to its working conditions. That is necessary to find out the most appropriate spring to each solution.